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Welcome, Deviants and Visionaries!

Greetings to you. My name is Alia Lorae. I am an artist of many facets - a producer and performer of dark, electronic dance music, as well as a songwriter and classically trained singer. In addition, I am an illustrator of dark fantasy art, whimsical weirdlings, and other visual morbidities. At the moment, I am involved in several exciting projects. My new single,"Rose Red," is now AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! The song is an intensely personal exploration of my twisted imagination. Watch the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO on Youtube! On Feb. 14th 2020, I will release a new FULL LENGTH ALBUM. My shop is open, where you can purchase clothing featuring my original art. Check out "Werewolf Ninja Philosopher," a new indie film by writer/directer Sujewa Ekanayake, in which I play the lead character's troublesome ex. Please follow me on Facebook for insights into my life and upcoming events, and on Instagram for modeling photos!


Clothing, cards, prints, and accessories, all featuring my original artwork. Everything is custom designed to your liking. Get your Wearable Weirdlings at Creepy Lili's Emporium!


I am always up to something. Click here for news of my most current project, or to learn more about a particular event I'm part of!


Need a darkly whimsical (or just plain dark) illustration? How about a video edited, or a musical score produced? Or, would you like to see yourself drawn as a fantastical creature? I'm your gal.


For your amusement, a mystery link! Every week I change it up. It will always lead to something morbid and fascinating; some piece of art or information I am personally intrigued by.

For photos, news updates, and random thoughts both clever and unclever...

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