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More accurately, this gallery should be titled "Weirdlings & Miscellaneous," but that isn't very elegant. When I let my pen and imagination wander with no set destination, weirdlings are born. They are humanoid entities, sometimes beautiful, sometimes grotesque (or better yet, a combination of both.) Many of the illustrations in this gallery are weirdlings, but not all of them are. Some of them are simply images that don't belong in my "Age of Pendraforme" universe, whether they be fan art, an unfinished picture book, or characters from a world predating Pendraforme.

Down the Rabbit Hole

I didn't FALL down the rabbit hole; I LIVE down the rabbit hole.


This tentacular lady looks rather surprised to see you.


Above the dark seas of Kraade, Dimension of Cruelty, drifts a dripping, airborn slinker.


This spiny weirdling might be a bit prickly - approach her with the uptmost caution.


The werwiid on her neck keeps her immortal and hypnotized. It feeds on her, while haunting her mind.

Wispy Weirding

I am quite fond of this particular weirdling. She looks stunning on a T-shirt, too.


A vestigial creature, she felt lost with no particular use. She floated hither and thither, searching for a use, growing sadder and more lonely. Until, one day she met...


...Colon, Son of Scrotum, Son of Groin. He and Appendix became the closest of companions.


Is she caught in the trap, or is she the trap? You decide.


A devious little horned demoness.


Two heads are better than one.


I am right-hand dominant, but drew this weirdling entirely with my left. It was a challenging exercise, which I may try again one day.

Mimi Gets a Helping Hand

I started this picture book many years ago, but never finished. It tells the story of a strange little girl and her friend Edgar, a disembodied corpse hand.

Mimi in the Graveyard

Mimi is a lonely child who prefers spiders and dead things to ponies and princesses.

Mimi and the Mean Kids

She is different, so the other children are cruel to her.

Mimi, Institutionalized

When your constant excuse is "It wasn't me; my hand did it," chances are you might get locked away.


Willow Cormorant is an Ixiad. They are mutant humans with supernatural powers and genius intellects, but physically weak and prone to illness.

Wise Weirdling

This weirdling has vast knowledge. Of what, I cannot say, but it is the collected knowledge of many centuries.


One sister must die so the other may thrive.

Servant of Kraade

This slinker from Kraade, Dimension of Cruelty, serves an ominous queen.

Self Portrait, Demons Visible

An illustration of myself, surrounded by my demons.

Shadow Merm

A mer-child from the shadowy murk of the Great Dark Deep.


Kraade is peopled with slinkers and strikers. Slinkers are subverviant, asymmetrical beings, while strikers are cruel, and beautifully symmetrical.


A weirdling spins its silk.

Other Mother

A rare piece of fan art; the Other Mother, from Neil Gaiman's "Coraline."

Oy Destroys the Universe

More fan art. This is Oy, from Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series. If you've read it, you'll understand the significance of what's happening.


An alien child catches a fish.


A spidery weirdling.

Pond Hopper

A weirdling walks on water.

Stylish Weirdling

The ultimate in Haute Couture Weirdling-Chic.


What is it? I have no clue. Why don't tell me.


She has transformed herself onstage into a work of grotesque art.