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If you are looking for an illustrator and like my style, I would love to work with you! Current special; send me a photo of you or your loved one, and I will draw you/them as the creature or character of your choice! I am also available for video editing and music production. Please contact me personally for details and pricing. Below is a small collection of illustrations I've been hired to produce in the past.

Goblin City Ball, 2016 #1

A promo image for The Goblin City Ball, commissioned by Twitch Twitch Productions.

Goblin City Ball, 2016 #2

A second promo image for the same event, which drew its theme from the 1986 movie "Labyrinth."

Angelique #1

A superhero mascot I designed for Twitch Twitch Productions' event Immortal Con.

Angelique #2

A side view of Angelique.


Yes, I know this image also appears in my "Weirdlings" gallery. This one is slightly different. I started the image independently, then adapted it for Twitch Twitch Productions' Haunt Faire.

Lady Macabre

The official mascot of the Macabre Faire Film Festival, an event from Twitch Twitch Productions.

Pomynauk Academy

A coat of arms designed for a Harry Potter themed event from Twitch Twitch Productions.

Chess Buzz

This thumbnail is a tease. It doesn't link to the full image, because this event hasn't happened yet.