(About single "Rumors") "...a catchy, in-your-face, induce you in a trance, make you dance, EDM, electro-pop voyage."

~ Middle Tennessee Music

“Dealing with issues of addiction, sexual expression, and more, [Rumors] is a startling honest look into Lorae’s heart while also delivering some compelling musical high points.”

~ Breaking Down Sound

“Alia Lorae is as much a performance artist as she is a singer, songwriter, and producer.”

~ Heath Andrews Reviews

"She’s raunchy, yet endearing at the same time.”

~ Good Vibes Music Reviews

"Rumors" featured on Comic Pop Library

"Rumors" featured on Totally Fuzzy.

Alia Lorae featured on M Pire Magazine's September Artist Spotlight.

All What's Rock"Highly original, unique

and dare I say brilliant in it’s delivery. In a nutshell this is “NIN” meets “Lady Gaga.”

~ All What's Rock

"There is nothing fake and superficial

about Alia Lorae. Her musical personality and fresh sounding portfolio

gives modern music a well needed shot in the arm."

~ Vents Magazine

"Captivating and mesmerizing. The music will grab

the listenerrefusing to let go."

~ Indie Music Digest

Music Emissions "I see Alia Lorae as a diamond

in the rough, with an amazing amount of potential. In close, most famous artists

out there have "it" ...Alia Lorae has whatever "it" is."

~ Music Emissions

Rock n Rock View"I’ve never heard an artist so skillfully combine so many genres

into one unique sound. Whether this is by design or by accident, it’s amazing."

~ Rock 'n Rock View

"If you feel like music is taking us in the wrong direction

than rest assured Alia Lorae is taking us back in the right direction with The Mad and the Beautiful."

~ EvO:R

"Alia Lorae is a musical Elvira, she has the sex appeal and uses it to flirt with entertaining horrors. Alia affectively shares her insights as she sings her songs. Each tune takes you to her haunted abode with the aid of her picturesque lyrical detail. You can close your eyes and imagine the scene in your mind so vividly you almost feel her reaching out from the speakers and physically touching you from behind."

~ Skope Magazine